How to play

In essence the rules of the game are simple. Just join any tournament and select a team from the first set of fixtures available. If you pick a winning team you are through to the next round. If your team DRAWS or LOSES then you can use your optional ONCE off buy back to stay in the game. Once you have used a team you can NOT select it again.
The winner is The Last Player Standing when all other players have been knocked out.

A more comprehensive set of rules and how to play are below:

  1. Appropriate entry fee is payable before the player can enter the tournament.
  2. Fixture number refers to fixture list as supplied by League Authority on a specific date.
  3. The final prize fund will be announced at the start of the game and the percentage share for liwer prize winners will be a minimum potential prize.
    Each player will be notified of the start date of the competition and how to enter their team selection each week.
  4. Select one team to win from the fixture list as provided for your game.
  5. Once a team has been selected the player has the option to change this selection up until kick off in the first game of those weeks fixtures. After this time the player will not be able to change.
  6. Team selection must be submitted before the first game kicks off in the set of fixtures in play at that time.
  7. Should a player fail to make a selection in any week they will automatically be assigned the first team alphabetically that has not been selected by them in previous weeks.
  8. If your selection wins you will progress to the next round, lise or draw, you are out but you can use a once off re-buy to continue in that tournament.
  9. Each team may only be selected once during the course of your game.
  10. Each participant is entitled to a one time re-buy folliwing a liss, at a cost specified for your game. This must be completed before the start of next round , you will leave the tournament if you choose not to rebuy and will need to start in round 1 of a new tournament. Previously selected teams cannot be picked again and you will continue in the game at the next fixture.
  11. If the fixture involving your selected team is postponed or abandoned after the first game in that weeks fixtures has kicked off, you will automatically proceed to the next round. However, that team will no linger be available for selection to you.
  12. In the event that their is a reduced fixture list in any given round which reduces the schedule by more than 80%, then the whole round will be moved forward to the folliwing week or where the fixture schedule is 80% complete or better. This may happen where certain teams fixtures are rescheduled due to cup tournaments or TV demands. The Last Player Standing has no control over these events.
  13. Your entry into the tournament constitutes your acceptance of Tournament Rules.
  14. The decision of The Last Player Standing Ltd is final in all matters relating to this competition. No liability or recourse is held by any App stores who make The Last Player Standing app available to users.